Most of the priests serving under Bishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy were French (highlighted in red), many of them from Auvergne, the Bishop’s region in  France. The origin of the priests is indicated when known. The list is derived mainly from Nancy Hanks’ book “Lamy’s Legion“, HRM Books, Santa Fe, New Mexico 2000, and might not be complete.

Priests found by Bishop Lamy upon his arrival in 1851 (according to Archbishop Salpointe in his book “Soldiers of the Cross“, page 282):

Jose Manuel Galiegos (Gallegos)
Jose de Jesus Leiva
Jose de Jesus Lujan
Antonio de Jesus Martinez
Vincente Montano
Fernando Ortiz
Juan Felipe Ortiz
Ramon Salazar

Priests under Bishop/Archbishop Lamy and succeeding Bishops/Archbishops:

Abeyta  Jose Tomas de Jesus – New Mexico
Accorsini  Joseph Albert – Canada & (mother was from  France)
Alvernhe  Simon Joseph Bartholeme – France
André  Louis Lazare Marie – France
Arrufat  Clément – France
Avel  Etienne M. – France (Auvergne)

Baca  Jose de Jesus Cabeza de – New Mexico
Balland  Joseph Claude – France
Baron  Augustine
Barrat  Emile – France
Barrau  Cyprien – France
Baugelin J.M. – France
Bell -America
Benevides  Luis – New Mexico
Bernal  Pierre – France (Auvergne)
Bernard  Benedict – France (Auvergne)
Bertrom  Eugene – Belgium
Besset  Antoine Jean – France (Auvergne)
Birmingham  Patrick
Blanchot  Julien – France (Auvergne)
Bobst  Carl -Switzerland
Boillat  Joseph Louis -Switzerland
Borrajo  Antonio Severo – Spain
Boucard  Jean Baptiste François – France (Auvergne)
Bourdier  Louis – France (Auvergne)
Bourgade  Pierre – France (Auvergne)
Braun  William -Germany
Brinker  John
Brun  Augustin – France
Brun  Charles – France
Brun  Jean-Baptiste – France

Cabello  Manuel -Spain
Caisse  L. G.
Canova  Albert -Switzerland
Carpentier  Jean Baptiste – France
Castanie  Albert Joseph – France
Cazals  Adrien – France
Cellerier  François -France (Auvergne)
Cellier  Claude Marie Antoine – France
Cellier  Louis Leon Marius – France
Chabrier  Louis J. – France (Auvergne)
Chapelle  Placide Louis – France
Charrié  Germain – France
Chatillon  L. – France
Chavez  Jose Vicente -Mexico
Chavez  Manuel Felipe de Jesus -Mexico
Chavez  Rafael -New Mexico
Collin  Jules – France
Cooney John V. -Ireland
Coudert  Joseph Marie -France (Auvergne)
Courbon  Jean Baptiste – France

Defouri  James H. – France
Degrenne  H. -Honduras
DeKeuwer  Stephen -Belgium
Delavelle  Leon Joseph – France (Doubs)
De Lucas  J.
Deraches Jules – France
Deshors  Frederic – France
Docher  Antoine Jean Baptiste – France
Domergue  Philibert – France (Auvergne)
Dubois – France
Dumarest  Michel Louis – France
Dumarest  Noel – France

Echallier  Andre Antoine – France (Auvergne)
Eguillon  Pierre – France (Auvergne)
Estvelt  Arnold Francis Alphonse Maria -Holland

Fabre  A. V. – France
Farini  Alfonso H.
Faure  Jean P. – France
Fayet  Joseph Baptiste – France (Auvergne)
Fialon  Joseph – France (Auvergne)
Fitzsimons  John P. -Wisconsin
Fleurant  Michel – France (Auvergne)
Fourchegu  Antoine  – France
Francolon  Jean Baptiste – France
Frenay  Adolph – Germany

Gallegos  Jose Manuel – New Mexico
Gallon  Jean Baptiste – France
Garassu  Robert A. – France
Garcia  J. Samuel – New Mexico
Garnier  Jean M. – France
Gatignol  François – France (Auvergne)
Gauthier  Joseph – France
Gilberton  Paul Anet -France (Auvergne)
Giraud  Joseph Marius – France
Girma  Joseph Henri – France
Gladu  Peter -Ohio
Gonzalez  Florencio
Gourbeyre  Alexandre – France (Auvergne)
Gourcy  Joseph – France
Grange  Jean – France (Auvergne)
Grom  Ignatius Maria – France
Grzelachowski  Alexander P. – Poland
Guérin  Jean-Baptiste – France (Auvergne)
Guérovich  Jean-Baptiste – France
Guyot  François Marie Meen – France

Haelterman  Alphonse – Belgium
Haelterman  Ghislain – Belgium
Haggerty  T. J. – Ireland
Hart  Peter – Cincinnati
Hartmann  Julius Johannes – Germany
Hayes  Thomas Aquinas – Ireland
Hintzen  C. J.
Holtmann – New Mexico

Jouvenceau  Antoine – France (Auvergne)
Jouvenceau  François Xavier – France (Auvergne)
Jouvet  Felix Andreas – France (Auvergne)
Juillard  Antoine N. – France (Auvergne)
Juillard  Georges J. – France (Auvergne)

Keil  Henry – Germany
Kempker  Herman – Iowa
Krayer  Servatius Joseph – Germany
Kuppers  Peter – Germany

L’Esperance  Pierre – France
Lammert  Courad – Germany
Lamy  Antoine – France (Auvergne)
Lamy  Jean-Baptiste – France (Auvergne)
Lassaigne  Pierre – France
Latour  Louis Simon – France (Auvergne)
Le Guillou – France
LePlae  Mariano – France
Lestra  François – France
Leyva y Rosas  Jose Francisco – New Mexico
Lucero  Mariano de Jesus – New Mexico
Luis  Jose
Lujan Jose de Jesus -New Mexico

Machebeuf  Joseph Projectus – France (Auvergne)
Mailluchet  Leon Cesaire – France
Mariller  Jean Baptiste A. – France
Martin  Adrien A. – France
Martin  Jean-François – France
Martin  Philibert – France
Martin  Pierre – France (Auvergne)
Martinez  Antonio Jose de Jesus – New Mexico
Mathonet  Alexandre – France
Mayeux  Maxim – France
Medina  Raymund – New Mexico
Merle  Luis – France (Auvergne)
Migeon  Lucien – France
Molinie  Jules Henri – France
Montaño  Jose Vicente Saturnino – New Mexico
Moog  Peter – Germany
Mumbour  Fernand Hubert – Germany
Munnecum  Pieter Jan – Holland

Navet  Augustine – France
Nayrolles  H. J. M. – France
Novak  Wilhelm Herman
Novert  Eugene – France

O’Keefe  Timothy P. – Ireland
Olier  Barthelem Maurice – France
Ortiz  Fernando – New Mexico
Ortiz  Jose Eulogio – New Mexico
Ortiz  Juan Felipe – New Mexico
Ortiz  Rafael – New Mexico
Otero  Jose Antonio – New Mexico

Pajot  Joseph Louis Marie – France
Parisis  Etienne – France
Paulet  Eugene Antoine – France (Auvergne)
Paulhan  Edouard Marie – France
Pelzer  Peter – Holland
Peyron  Clement – France
Picard  Jean Antoine – France (Auvergne)
Pinard  Jean-François – France
Pitaval  Jean-Baptiste – France
Plantard  Pierre – France
Pouget  Henri Claude – France (Auvergne)
Pugens  Joseph – France

Rabeyrolle  Jean Pierre Adrien – France
Rallière  Jean Baptiste – France (Auvergne)
Raverdy  Jean Baptiste Theobald – France
Redon  Auguste François Joseph – France (Auvergne)
Remuzon  Joseph J. – France (Auvergne)
Rhullier  F. E. – France
Ribera  Jose Romulo – New Mexico
Ribera  Manuel Antonio Daniel – New Mexico
Rodriguez  Ramon – New Mexico
Rogieri  Donato – Italy
Rolly  Michel – France
Rousset  Eugene – France
Roux  Jean Marie – France (Auvergne)

Salazar  Jesus Maria – New Mexico
Salazar  Jose Antonio de Jesus – New Mexico
Salazar  Jose Maria -New Mexico
Salazar  Ramon -New Mexico
Salpointe  Jean Baptiste – France (Auvergne)
Schwartz  John
Seux  Camille – France
Splinters  John George – Germany
Stoffel  Jules Nicolas – Belgium
Stratigo  Francis – Italy

Tafoya  Jose Sembrano – New Mexico
Taladrid  Damas – Spain
Thomas  Vincent – France
Truchard  Jean Augustus – France (Auvergne)
Trujillo  Juan de Jesus – New Mexico

Ussel  Gabriel – France (Auvergne)

Valdez  Eulogio – New Mexico
Valencia  Nicolas – New Mexico
Valézy  Joseph – France
Vassal  Auguste Remy – France
Vaure  Sebastien – France (Auvergne)
Vermare  Pierre Antoine – France
Vigil  Jose de la Cruz – New Mexico
Vigil  Jose Miguel -New Mexico

Welby  Michael – Ireland


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