In response to viewers’ demand, I am progressively adding notes under the names. Contributions to these notes would be greatly appreciated.

I am working on an Encyclopedia of the French in New Mexico. These notes (edited and referenced) and more will be part of it.

Pajot, Louis-Marie (priest) (1880-1966)

Pankey, Benjamin Franklin (1861- ?)
Paoli, Francois-Marie (priest) (1850s)
Pape, Georges (ca. 1825 – ?)
Papineau, Presley
Parachou, Bernard “Frenchy” (1895-1983)

Parisis, Etienne (? – 1892)
Patenaude / Patnaude
Paul (Pohl), Maria Joseph

Paul, Edmont
Paul, Gabriel-René (1813-1886) (Civil War hero)
Paulet, Eugène Antoine (1831-1887)
Paulhan, Edouard Marie (1868-1940)
Pelletier, Charles James (1923 – 2006)
Pendaries, Jean
Peticolas, Alfred Brown (1838-1915)
Pershing, John (1860 – 1948)
Perrault, George O. (1838-1898)

Perret, Gaspar (1849 – 1913)

Pequet, Francisco (François), NM Civil War volunteer
Peyron, Clément ( – after 1897)
Pfotenhauer, Oscar (1856- 1890)
Philibert, Joseph
Philibert, Edmond

Picard, Jean Antoine (1860-1916)
Pichet, Narcisse
Pierrot, Antoine Eugene (1823-1919)

Pilon, Peter O. (1835-1939)
Pinard, Reverend Francisco (Jean-François)
Pinard family (Casimir, Pedro Leon, Saturnino, and many others)
Pinart, Alphonse Louis (1852-1911)
Pineau, Charles (ca. 1924 – 2010)

Piron/Peron, Adolphe (1821 – ?)

Pitaval, Jean-Baptiste (1858-1928)
Plamondon, Gaudias
Plantard, Pierre (1910s)
Plomteaux, Frank (1900s)
Plossu, Bernard (1945 –  )
Poisel, John

Ponet, Antoine (Antonio)
Portelance, José
Pouget, Henri Claude (1910s)
Poussier, Félix (ca. 1862 – 1880)

Pratte, Sylvester (1799-1828)
Proulx, Raphael
Provost, Étienne (1785 – 1850)
Pugens, Joseph (? – 1943)


Quenelle, François
Quenelle, Raphael (1917-1978)
Quetil, Charles J.

Rabeyrolle, Jean Pierre Adrien (1873-1950)
Rallière, Jean-Baptiste (1834-1915)

Ramuz, Louis           
Rauvier, Peter (Pierre) NM Civil War volunteer
Raverdy, Jean Baptiste Théobald (1831-1889)
Raymond, Rosalie
Rayroux, Auguste
Redon, Auguste François Joseph (1835-1916)
Remuzon, Joseph J. (1843- after 1880)
Reeneene (René?), Peter (Pierre)
Register, Philippe (1921 – 2006)

Régnier (or Rainier), Peter (Pierre) (1824 – ?)
Reymond, Numa (before 1850 – 1915)
Reymond, Jean-Pierre François (Brother Nicolas Régis) (1884 – 1970)
Rettel, Jean-Pierre (1883-1943) (Brother Agbert)
Rhullier, F.E. (1880s)
Riballo, Joseph Michel

Rievan, Cheaupill (1822 – ?)
Rimbert /Rinbert
Ritimann, Louis Athanase (1880 – 1952) (Brother Athanase Emile)
Rivarre, Joseph
Robidoux brothers
François-Jean (1843-1894)
Rolly, Michel (1841-1890)
Roquecoque, José (NM Civil War volunteer)
Rondeau, L. and J.
Rosenthall, John (1833 – ?)
Roset, A.
Rossier, Alfred
Roture, Jose

Rouault, Theodore (1851-?)
Rouault, Theodore Jr. (1882-?)
Rouelle, Joseph
Rougemeont, Juan Luis (Jean-Louis)

Rousseau, Father (1930s)
Rousset, Eugène (? – 1873)
Roux, Jean Marie (1874 – 1898)
Roy, Frank and family

Ruelle, Jean-Baptiste


Saburin (or Sabourin)
St. Germain (see entry for Brishard / Brisal)

Saint Germain, Baptiste
Saint Vrain, Ceran (1802-1870)

Saint Vrain, Elie
Saint Vrain, Felix (1799-1832)
Saint Vrain, Marcellin (1815-1871)

St. Vrain, Vincent (ca. 1827 – 1876)
Salé, Jean (known as Lajoie)
Salpointe, Jean-Baptiste (1825-1898)
Samson, Isidore (1827 – ?)

Sanguinet, Charles (1782 – 1873)
Sanserman, Bautista Brison

Sanson, Nicholas (1650s)
Sanstête, Juan (19th century)
Sarlangue, Jose
Satren, Pierre
Saunier, Victor
Savageau, Alex (or Sauvageau)
Savery, William

Segura Martin
Sénécal, L. (1830s)

Sénécal, P.-A.
Serindat, Jean (Brother Hérène Stanislas) (1883 – 1967)

Seux, Camille (ca. 1840 – 1922)
Sheldon, Lionel Allen

Sicret, Clément (1844-1892)
B:30 may 1844 Camplong, Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
D:24 Jan 1892 Milly-La-Forêt, 91490, Essonne, Île-de-France, France
Clément Sicret was for some time a prosperous trader in southern New Mexico. He moved to Mexico in the 1870s or 1880s. He married and had three daughters. There are many descendants, but the Sicret name seems lost in New Mexico. His trace disappears after his marriage, but at some stage he returned to France and died in Paris in 1892. The details of his life are contradictory and difficult to establish. His descendants have traced the family back 300 years.

Sinnag, Nicolas
Siote, François
Solignac, Emile (1865 – ?)

Stoffel, Jules Nicolas (1889-1948)
Sulier, André  (1800s)

Sur, Francisco (François)

Taicoguete, Nazario
Tasacarra, Ignacio

Terien, André (1800s)
Ternaux-Compans, Henri (1807-1864)
Tétard, Adrien (c.1815 – May 1892)
Tétard, Emilie
Thibault, F.

Thiebaut, Alphonse (1861 – 1941)
Thiebaut, William “Billy” (1922 – June 15, 2004)
Thieffer, Joseph  (1818 – ?)

Thomas, Vincent (1875-1940)
Tixier family
Tixier, Dr. Victor (1815 – 1885)
Tolque, Louis

Tondre family
The Tondre family is one of the many success stories of French immigrants to New Mexico.  Joseph Tondre (1831-1870) was a vintner from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. With his wife Josephine Mellecke, he came to America in 1864.  Joseph had tuberculosis. Encouraged to come to New Mexico by the Italian Jesuits brought in by Bishop Lamy, the family moved to Isleta from Kansas along the Santa Fe Trail, with their four children (three sons and a daughter who died in 1873), and an organ which ended in the church in Isleta. Joseph later died of tuberculosis. Josephine and her three sons started a vineyard and she ran the Indian Trading Post and was an advisor to Isleta Pueblo, often traveling to Santa Fe on their behalf. The family bought land south of Isleta Pueblo, planted thirty thousand vines and opened a winery and distillery. In good years, he produced eight thousand gallons. The winery finally closed in the early 1900s under unclear circumstances.

Joseph Tondre’s grandson, Joseph Frank Tondre III (1883 – 1968), was a prominent New Mexican: a law officer, politician and businessman manager; he served as Valencia County Sheriff (1921-1924 and 1941-1941), as United States Marshal in Santa Fe (1926-1933), and as Warden, New Mexico State Penitentiary (1951-1952). He was an unsuccessful Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor (1938) and Governor (1942). He was member of the Los Lunas School Board for at least 20 years, and chairman of the Republican Party of Valencia County.  Joseph Tondre III married Ruth Powers (1903 – 1993) in 1921, and the couple had five children, Joseph IV, Anne, Patsy, Ruthie and Katy.

Joseph Tondre IV (b. 1924) was the oldest child and only son of Ruth Powers and Joseph Frank Tondre III.  In 1943, at age nineteen, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent for duty in Europe, including France. He wrote regularly to his family and all his two-hundred and thirty letters have been preserved.

Joseph Tondre descendants are still in New Mexico, while some of the children of Joseph Tondre III moved to California where their family still operates a prosperous vineyard.

A wealth of information is available about the Tondre family of New Mexico. Particularly useful sources include the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage & Arts; the UNM Center for Southwest Research, including an interview of Joseph Tondre’s great grand daughter, Anne Tondre Williams; La Historia del Rio Abajo, a monthly column about Valencia County history written by members of the Valencia County Historical Society, including an article by Janis Marston, “The Tondre Family”, Oct 23, 2013; and an article by Tiffini Porter, “Tondre was a lawman, politician and LL businessman”, News-Bulletin, Saturday, 30 October 2010.

Tourangeau, Jean
Tournier, Jean-Baptiste (1790 – ?)

Tourville, T. (1820s)
Toussaint, Henry G. (ca 1835 to 1845 – early 1900s)
Trudeau (Trideau), Jean-Baptiste (1800s)

Trousset, Léon (1838-1917)
Truchard, Jean Augustus (1829-1911)
Trudeau, Jean-Baptiste (1800s)

Tudaire, N.
Turcotte, François (1800s – after 1850) (sometimes spelled Furcat, Furcot, Turquiet)
Turquiet, Louis (1800 – ?)

Ussel, Gabriel (1831-1909)


Vachard, Paul
Vaillant, Jean

Valézy, Joseph ( – after 1897)
Valle, Alexandre (known as “Pigeon”)
Vallentin, Luis (ca. 1832 – ?)

Valois, Gustavus (? – 1891)
Van Butler, Emanuel (Emmanuel) (1839 – ?)

Vasquez, Antoine François (“Baronet”) (1783-1828)
Vaur, Jean-Baptiste (1836-1910)

Vaure, Sébastien ( – 1854)
Velo, Jacques
Vermare, Pierre Antoine (1860s)
Vernier, Eugène (Eugenio) (1861 – 1929)

Vertefeuille, F.
Vial, Pierre (Pedro) (1746-1814)
Viard, A.
Vicent (or Vincent), Carlos
Visonet, Henri
Visonet, Jose


Weber, Frank (1827 – ?)
Weil, Nathan (ca 1867 – after 1940)
Wootton, “Uncle Dick” (married to Dolores LeFebre)



Zavish, Charles Herbert (ca. 1844 – ?)