Having received a plethora of requests to include links on this page (some legit, some not), I have decided to remove its contents from my website. It is no longer useful, as researchers can use ChatGPT of simply a search engine to access DNA search resources. This website does not endorse, recommend, or advise for or against DNA testing. DNA testing is a useful tool to trace your ancestry. However, you are encouraged to make your own decision on this matter, as there have been reports of DNA testing companies selling data, having them stolen by hackers, or having them used by private concerns, and police and government agencies in various countries.

For instance, LifeLock sent the following message on December 7, 2023: <<A 23andMe security breach that exposed the personal information of nearly 7 million people. The genetic testing company reports that hackers stole names, birth years, relationship info, and other data. If exploited, cybercriminals can use this information to commit identity theft.>>