Except for sharp-eyed visitors who notice a French Quarter on Socorro’s tourist map and descendants of the French still living in Socorro, few people know that Socorro County is rich in French history. The French Quarter of Socorro (Park, Church, and McCutcheon streets) was one of the most affluent areas in town during this era.

The following are some of the names of people and families who lived or did business in Socorro. Their stories are in the book. Of course, some are missing, and some lived/worked in several places.

Adolph Bandelier
A.E. Bessette
Charles Blanchard
Bourguet family
Philippe Bourguignon
Campredon family
Chambon family
Captain Dumas Provencher
Duquet family
Frenchy Elmoreau
John Erramouspe
Jean-Georges Fournier
Fraissinet family
Jules Grandjean
Alexis Grossetête
Michel Harriet
George Hudon
Charles Longuemare
Jean-Noël Mounyo
Michel Nalda
Urban Ozanne
José Sarlangue
Léon Trousset

Catholic priests:
Bernard, J. Brun, Fabre, Fialon, Gourbeyre, Lestra, Ph. Martin, Rhullier, Rousset, Truchard, Vermare.