French businesses in New Mexico today

France does business in all U.S. States. New Mexico ranks only 40, with about 2,600 jobs created in 2017 (not counting jobs created by French Americans not recorded as foreign businesses). Trade in goods and services between France and the United States reached $139 billion in 2017 and French companies created 50,000 jobs in the U.S., making France the fastest growing foreign source of employment in the U.S. that year.

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In addition to international business, there is a substantial and vibrant French business and social community today in New Mexico.

French businesses, professionals, intellectuals, scientists and artists have settled in New Mexico.

In the greater Santa Fe and Albuquerque, French and Francophiles gather for evening drinks, French conversation and potlucks,  promoting connections and friendship.  They also organize social activities, lecture series and other cultural events, and orient French-speaking newcomers to Santa Fe.

The Alliance Française in Albuquerque ( also promotes French language and culture, a major activity being the organization of French courses.

The French Consulate in Los Angeles ( provides administrative support to the French in most of the American West.