The French in New Mexico

This is the first history of the French-speaking men and women in New Mexico. They were from all walks of life, explorers, adventurers, trappers, soldiers, merchants, priests, farmers, ranchers, bankers, scientists, artists, politicians, lawyers, spies, and criminals. Whether exemplary, disreputable, dramatic, or mundane, their lives were filled with love and death, chases and hunts, and successes and failures. Their stories range to the rest of the American Southwest, and to the trails leading to Santa Fe.

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Paperback. 432 pages. 100 illustrations. Maps. Endnotes, index, bibliography.
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This book is a fascinating read with a new approach to the history of New Mexico. (Loretta Miles Tollefson, in Fiction and Fact from Old New Mexico).
… guaranteeing extended shelf life … has set a high bar for other investigators … (Julianne Burton-Carjaval, in Spanish Traces).
… a gold mine… (Amy Boaz, in Taos News).

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