The French in New Mexico






Paperback. 432 pages. 100 illustrations. Maps. Endnotes, index, bibliography.
$24.95 + $5.00 mailing and handling in the continental US.

This is the first history of the French in New Mexico. It chronicles the lives of French-speaking people who came mainly from France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands from the 1500s to present times. It reaches out to the French in the American Southwest from California to Texas and beyond, on the Santa Fe and other trails,  and in northern Mexico.


This book is a fascinating read with a new approach to the history of New Mexico. (Loretta Miles Tollefson, in Fiction and Fact from Old New Mexico).
… guaranteeing extended shelf life … has set a high bar for other investigators … (Julianne Burton-Carjaval, in Spanish Traces).
… a gold mine… (Amy Boaz, in Taos News).

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